INTIMATE history 2010-2014

INTIMATE HISTORY 2010-2014: The COST phase

Following discussions at the Oxford Workshop in 2008, INTIMATE made an application for funding to the EU COST Action Programme. This was organised by a writing group chaired by Chris Turney. The application was successful and INTIMATE became a COST Action (designated ES0907) with a grant of €68k awarded for 2010. Although INTIMATE had earlier secured moderate amounts of funding, principally through INQUA (see below), this was the first subtantial grant that the programme had received.

The COST status led to an re-organisation of INTIMATE’s administrative structure, with the creation of a Mangement Committee with nationally appointed members to oversee the programme. The first Chairman was Chris Turney but, following his move to a position in Australia, Sune Olander Rasmussen took on the role of overall COST Action Chairman in December 2010, with Hans Renssen as Vice-Chair. The work within the EU COST Action programme, which ran until June 2014, was organised through four Working Groups: WG1 on Dating and Chronological Modelling (chairs Irka Hajdas, Achim Brauer, and Simon Blockley); WG2 on Quantification of Past Climate Change (chairs Ana Moreno and Anders Svensson); WG3 on Modelling Mechanisms of Past Change (chairs Didier Roche and Paul Valdes); and WG4 on Climate Impacts (chairs Wim Hoek and Hilary Birks).

See the INTIMATE COST Action web page for further information about the activites during the COST phase.