NEW: the first INTIMATE virtual seminar on ice-core records, 10th of March 2022

To strengthen the INTIMATE network and to build a broader forum to discuss Quaternary changes, an online seminar will be held roughly every two months, on Thursdays at 11:00 am CET, with two short 20-minutes talks and a joint 20-minutes discussion. The first seminar will be focused on ice cores (March 10), the second on marine records (April 28) and the third on terrestrial records (June 23). During the seminars, the first talk will provide a general overview of the topic, while the second talk will showcase specific issues in more detail. 

Hereby we would like to invite you to the first (virtual) seminar on ice core records, featuring two invited speakers: associate professor Dr. Sune Rasmussen and Dr. Eliza Cook, both from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The objective of INTIMATE is to facilitate the reconstruction of Quaternary climate changes, by INTegrating Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial paleoclimate records.  The upcoming ice core session will take place on: March 10, 2022 at 11:00 am CET.  You can subscribe for the virtual ice core seminar through the following link:

Through the above given link, you can also subscribe for the upcoming marine and terrestrial record seminars. More details on these seminars will be provided later.Access to the virtual meeting: A zoom link will be provided by e-mail to all people who have subscribed for the ice core session (one week before the seminar takes place).

The ice core session will focus on the Greenland ice cores, which are critical in informing on the dynamic nature of past climate change. Determining the nature of regional to local scale climate impacts is key to understanding the complexities of climate change. Therefore, featured talks during the ice core session are:  

Dr. Sune Rasmussen -The Greenland ice-core records as the basis of the INTIMATE event stratigraphy„The Greenland ice-core records form the basis of the INTIMATE event stratigraphy, and the dates of the events are derived from the annual-layer-counted Greenland Ice-Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05). Annual-layer counting generally provides good precision on event durations and rates of changes, but as errors accumulate along the core, significant bias may build up over long sections, leading to potentially rather low accuracy of the dating of events, e.g. in the Glacial. Since the GICC05 was constructed and published in the period 2005-2008, several publications have proposed that GICC05 indeed suffers from bias. I will briefly mention some of these estimates and talk about the plans for revising GICC21.”

Dr. Eliza Cook -Useful tephra constraints over key events from the LGIT to the mid-Holocene: A record from the Greenland ice cores„I will present some first details of the early to – mid-Holocene tephra framework for the Greenland ice cores, and will also provide an overview of the updated Late glacial-interglacial transition tephra framework. As a result of semi-continuous screening of the Greenland ice cores, we have now located over 100 individual events between 5 and 17 ka b2k, many of which constrain climate events and some are from distal locations.  Consequentially, these frameworks will guide sampling strategies of future tephra studies in the terrestrial and marine realms aiming to link these records to the Greenland ice cores to assess regional climate synchroneity.  We also  find that many of the Icelandic origin tephras are preserved without corresponding chemical signatures in the ice, which implies that reconstructions of volcanism based solely on chemical indicators underestimate the number of events.”

PAST: INTIMATE at EGU, Vienna on-line, Austria, 29th of April 2021

We invite your to join our EGU session CL1.6 (link here) Diagnosing causes and effects of abrupt climate, ecosystem and landscape change from the INTegration of Ice core MArine and TErrestrial records (INTIMATE) on the 29th of April 2021 on-line in Vienna.

PAST: INTIMATE at INQUA, Dublin, Ireland, 25-31st July 2019

The registration for INTIMATE INQUA session entitled „Integrating ice core marine and terrestrail rocords to understand climate variability on decadal to millenial timescales” is not open! For details on session visit and for details on registration see We hope to meet you all there!

PAST: INTIMATE at EGU, Vienna, Austria, 7-12th April 2019,

The registration for EGU INTIMATE session (CL1.14) entitled Diagnosing past climate mechanisms through the INTegration of Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial records is now opne! Do consider to submit your research abstract to this session, as it always draws a good crowd and excellent science. We are particularly keen to welcome submissions by Early Career Scientists, who always play such an important role in all our meetings and events. More details on the session and registration can be fund here:

PAST: INTIMATE EGU-Galileo Conference, Gniew, Poland, 27-31st August 2018

Reserve the date for the next INTIMATE conference, organized as a EGU Galileo conference „The anatomy of abrupt climate change: dissecting the palaeorecord to trace the mechanisms of climate variability” to be held in Gniew, Poland, on27-31st August 2018. Read more on: