Protocol papers

Throughout the life time of INTIMATE, a main activity has been to develop and publish an event stratigraphy based on the Greenland ice core records and protocols for robust correlation of climate records.

The protocol papers, sorted according to publication time with the newest first, are listed here:

Sune O. Rasmussen et al. (2014)
A stratigraphic framework for abrupt climatic changes during the Last Glacial period based on three synchronized Greenland ice-core records: refining and extending the INTIMATE event stratigraphy
Quaternary Science Reviews 106, p. 14-28.

Blockley et al. (2012)
Synchronisation of palaeoenvironmental records over the last 60,000 years, and an extended INTIMATE1 event stratigraphy to 48,000 b2k
Quaternary Science Reviews 36, p. 2-10.

Lowe et al. (2008)
Synchronisation of palaeoenvironmental events in the North Atlantic region during the Last Termination: a revised protocol recommended by the INTIMATE group
Quaternary Science Reviews 27, p. 6-17.

Lowe et al. (2001)
Inter-regional correlation of palaeoclimatic records for the Last Glacial–Interglacial Transition: a protocol for improved precision recommended by the INTIMATE project group
Quaternary Science Reviews 20, p. 1175-1187.

Walker et al. (1999)
Isotopic ‘events’ in the GRIP ice core: a stratotype for the Late Pleistocene
Quaternary Science Reviews 18, p. 1143-1150.

Björck et al. (1998)
An event stratigraphy for the Last Termination in the North Atlantic region based on the Greenland ice-core record: a proposal by the INTIMATE group
Journal of Quaternary Science 13, p. 283-292.

INTIMATE special issues

Results with contributions from INTIMATE activities have over the years been published as stand-alone papers in numerous journals as well as in collections of papers forming four special issues in Quaternary Science Reviews and two in Quaternary International.

Papers in the second INTIMATE special issue of Quaternary International (vol. 388, p. 1-176, 2015):

Aurel Perşoiu, Angelica Feurdean, Wim Z. Hoek
Closing and exposing the gaps in knowledge: INTIMATE workshop on terrestrial records from central Eastern Europe for the Last Glacial–Interglacial transition

Siim Veski, Heikki Seppä, Migle Stančikaitė, Valentina Zernitskaya, Triin Reitalu, Gražyna Gryguc, Atko Heinsalu, Normunds Stivrins, Leeli Amon, Jüri Vassiljev, Oliver Heiri
Quantitative summer and winter temperature reconstructions from pollen and chironomid data between 15 and 8 ka BP in the Baltic–Belarus area

Elena Yu. Novenko, Alexander V. Olchev
Early Holocene vegetation and climate dynamics in the central part of the East European Plain (Russia)

Mariusz Gałka, Kazimierz Tobolski, Iwona Bubak
Late Glacial and Early Holocene lake level fluctuations in NE Poland tracked by macro-fossil, pollen and diatom records

Piotr Kołaczek, Mariusz Gałka, Monika Karpińska-Kołaczek, Monika Lutyńska
Late Pleniglacial and Late Glacial lake-mire transformations in south-eastern Poland reflected in aquatic and wetland vegetation changes

Piotr Kołaczek, Joanna Mirosław-Grabowska, Monika Karpińska-Kołaczek, Renata Stachowicz-Rybka
Regional and local changes inferred from lacustrine organic matter deposited between the Late Glacial and mid-Holocene in the Skaliska Basin (north-eastern Poland)

Michał Słowiński, Mirosław Błaszkiewicz, Achim Brauer, Bożena Noryśkiewicz, Florian Ott, Sebastian Tyszkowski
The role of melting dead ice on landscape transformation in the early Holocene in Tuchola Pinewoods, North Poland

Roxana Grindean, Angelica Feurdean, Bogdan Hurdu, Sorina Fărcaş, Ioan Tanţău
Lateglacial/Holocene transition to mid-Holocene: Vegetation responses to climate changes in the Apuseni Mountains (NW Romania)

Ioan Lascu, Barbara Wohlfarth, Bogdan P. Onac, Svante Björck, Bernd Kromer
A Late Glacial paleolake record from an up-dammed river valley in northern Transylvania, Romania

Leszek Starkel, Danuta J. Michczyńska, Piotr Gębica, Tímea Kiss, Andrei Panin, Ioana Perşoiu
Climatic fluctuations reflected in the evolution of fluvial systems of Central-Eastern Europe (60–8 ka cal BP)

Piotr Gębica, Danuta J. Michczyńska, Leszek Starkel
Fluvial history of the Sub-Carpathian Basins (Poland) during the last cold stage (60–8 cal ka BP)

Tímea Kiss, Péter Hernesz, Borbála Sümeghy, Katalin Györgyövics, György Sipos
The evolution of the Great Hungarian Plain fluvial system – Fluvial processes in a subsiding area from the beginning of the Weichselian

D.M. Gheorghiu, M. Hosu, C. Corpade, S. Xu
Deglaciation constraints in the Parâng Mountains, Southern Romania, using surface exposure dating

A. Timar-Gabor, D. Constantin, S.B. Marković, M. Jain
Extending the area of investigation of fine versus coarse quartz optical ages from the Lower Danube to the Carpathian Basin

Papers in the first INTIMATE special issue of Quaternary International (vol. 378, p. 1-134, 2015):

Wim Z. Hoek, Erick Robinson, Vanessa Gelorini
Climate impact on ecosystem changes and human responses during the Last Glacial and Early Holocene: A contribution to the INTIMATE (INTegration of Ice-core, MArine and TErrestrial records) COST Action ES0907

Hilary H. Birks, Vanessa Gelorini, Erick Robinson, Wim Z. Hoek
Impacts of palaeoclimate change 60 000–8000 years ago on humans and their environments in Europe: Integrating palaeoenvironmental and archaeological data

C. Bonsall, M.G. Macklin, A. Boroneanţ, C. Pickard, L. Bartosiewicz, G.T. Cook, T.F.G. Higham
Holocene climate change and prehistoric settlement in the lower Danube valley

Marie-Hélène Moncel, Ethel Allué, Salvador Bailon, Carolyn Barshay-Szmidt, Philippe Béarez, Évelyne Crégut, Camille Daujeard, Emmanuel Desclaux, Évelyne Debard, Anne-Sophie Lartigot-Campin, Simon Puaud, Thierry Roger
Evaluating the integrity of palaeoenvironmental and archaeological records in MIS 5 to 3 karst sequences from southeastern France

Christophe Cupillard, Michel Magny, Hervé Bocherens, Anne Bridault, Carole Bégeot, Vincent Bichet, Gilles Bossuet, Dorothée G. Drucker, Emilie Gauthier, Gwennolé Jouannic, Laurent Millet, Hervé Richard, Damien Rius, Pascale Ruffaldi, Anne-Véronique Walter-Simonnet
Changes in ecosystems, climate and societies in the Jura Mountains between 40 and 8 ka cal BP

Catherine A. Jessen, Kristoffer Buck Pedersen, Charlie Christensen, Jesper Olsen, Morten Fischer Mortensen, Keld Møller Hansen
Early Maglemosian culture in the Preboreal landscape: Archaeology and vegetation from the earliest Mesolithic site in Denmark at Lundby Mose, Sjælland

Dmitry Ponomarev, Thijs van Kolfschoten, Johannes van der Plicht, Pavel Kosintsev
Lateglacial desman discovered in Sed’yu-1 (Komi Republic, Russia), a site in the far northeast of Europe

A.K. Markova, A.Yu. Puzachenko, T. van Kolfschoten, P.A. Kosintsev, T.V. Kuznetsova, A.N. Tikhonov, O.P. Bachura, D.V. Ponomarev, J. van der Plicht, M. Kuitems
Changes in the Eurasian distribution of the musk ox (Ovibos moschatus) and the extinct bison (Bison priscus) during the last 50 ka BP

Sarah A. van der Horn, Thijs van Kolfschoten, Johannes van der Plicht, Wim Z. Hoek
The effects of the 8.2 ka event on the natural environment of Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria: Implications for ecosystem resilience studies

Papers in the fourth Quaternary Science Reviews INTIMATE special issue (vol. 106, p. 1-330, 2014) (the papers are openly accessible until mid-2016):

Sune O. Rasmussen, Hilary H. Birks, Simon P.E. Blockley, Achim Brauer, Irka Hajdas, Wim Z. Hoek, J. John Lowe, Ana Moreno, Hans Renssen, Didier M. Roche, Anders M. Svensson, Paul Valdes, Mike J.C. Walker
Dating, synthesis, and interpretation of palaeoclimatic records of the Last Glacial cycle and model-data integration: advances by the INTIMATE (INTegration of Ice-core, MArine and TErrestrial records) COST Action ES0907

Sune O. Rasmussen, Matthias Bigler, Simon P. Blockley, Thomas Blunier, Susanne L. Buchardt, Henrik B. Clausen, Ivana Cvijanovic, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Sigfus J. Johnsen, Hubertus Fischer, Vasileios Gkinis, Myriam Guillevic, Wim Z. Hoek, J. John Lowe, Joel B. Pedro, Trevor Popp, Inger K. Seierstad, Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Anders M. Svensson, Paul Vallelonga, Bo M. Vinther
A stratigraphic framework for abrupt climatic changes during the Last Glacial period based on three synchronized Greenland ice-core records: refining and extending the INTIMATE event stratigraphy

Inger K. Seierstad, Peter M. Abbott, Matthias Bigler, Thomas Blunier, Anna J. Bourne, Edward Brook, Susanne L. Buchardt, Christo Buizert, Henrik B. Clausen, Eliza Cook, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Siwan M. Davies, Myriam Guillevic, Sigfús J. Johnsen, Desirée S. Pedersen, Trevor J. Popp, Sune O. Rasmussen, Jeffrey P. Severinghaus, Anders Svensson, Bo M. Vinther
Consistently dated records from the Greenland GRIP, GISP2 and NGRIP ice cores for the past 104 ka reveal regional millennial-scale δ18O gradients with possible Heinrich event imprint

Achim Brauer, Irka Hajdas, Simon P.E. Blockley, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Marcus Christl, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Gina E. Moseley, Norbert N. Nowaczyk, Sune O. Rasmussen, Helen M. Roberts, Christoph Spötl, Richard A. Staff, Anders Svensson
The importance of independent chronology in integrating records of past climate change for the 60–8 ka INTIMATE time interval

Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Paul Albert, Simon Blockley, Mark Hardiman, Christine Lane, Alison Macleod, Ian P. Matthews, Raimund Muscheler, Adrian Palmer, Richard A. Staff
Integrating timescales with time-transfer functions: a practical approach for an INTIMATE database

Raimund Muscheler, Florian Adolphi, Mads F. Knudsen
Assessing the differences between the IntCal and Greenland ice-core time scales for the last 14,000 years via the common cosmogenic radionuclide variations

Simon P.E. Blockley, Anna J. Bourne, Achim Brauer, Siwan M. Davies, Mark Hardiman, Poppy R. Harding, Christine S. Lane, Alison MacLeod, Ian P. Matthews, Sean D.F. Pyne-O’Donnell, Sune O. Rasmussen, Sabine Wulf, Giovanni Zanchetta
Tephrochronology and the extended intimate (integration of ice-core, marine and terrestrial records) event stratigraphy 8–128 ka b2k

Siwan M. Davies, Peter M. Abbott, Rhian H. Meara, Nicholas J.G. Pearce, William E.N. Austin, Mark R. Chapman, Anders Svensson, Matthias Bigler, Tine L. Rasmussen, Sune O. Rasmussen, Elizabeth J. Farmer
A North Atlantic tephrostratigraphical framework for 130–60 ka b2k: new tephra discoveries, marine-based correlations, and future challenges

Adam J. Griggs, Siwan M. Davies, Peter M. Abbott, Tine L. Rasmussen, Adrian P. Palmer
Optimising the use of marine tephrochronology in the North Atlantic: a detailed investigation of the Faroe Marine Ash Zones II, III and IV

Gábor Újvári, Mihály Molnár, Ágnes Novothny, Barna Páll-Gergely, János Kovács, András Várhegyi
AMS 14C and OSL/IRSL dating of the Dunaszekcső loess sequence (Hungary): chronology for 20 to 150 ka and implications for establishing reliable age–depth models for the last 40 ka

Bryan C. Lougheed, Andreas Nilsson, Svante Björck, Ian Snowball, Raimund Muscheler
A deglacial palaeomagnetic master curve for Fennoscandia – Providing a dating template and supporting millennial-scale geomagnetic field patterns for the past 14 ka

Ana Moreno, Anders Svensson, Stephen J. Brooks, Simon Connor, Stefan Engels, William Fletcher, Dominique Genty, Oliver Heiri, Inga Labuhn, Aurel Perşoiu, Odile Peyron, Laura Sadori, Blas Valero-Garcés, Sabine Wulf, Giovanni Zanchetta, data contributors
A compilation of Western European terrestrial records 60–8 ka BP: towards an understanding of latitudinal climatic gradients

Oliver Heiri, Karin A. Koinig, Christoph Spötl, Sam Barrett, Achim Brauer, Ruth Drescher-Schneider, Dorian Gaar, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Hanns Kerschner, Marc Luetscher, Andrew Moran, Kurt Nicolussi, Frank Preusser, Roland Schmidt, Philippe Schoeneich, Christoph Schwörer, Tobias Sprafke, Birgit Terhorst, Willy Tinner
Palaeoclimate records 60–8 ka in the Austrian and Swiss Alps and their forelands

A. Feurdean, A. Perşoiu, I. Tanţău, T. Stevens, E.K. Magyari, B.P. Onac, S. Marković, M. Andrič, S. Connor, S. Fărcaş, M. Gałka, T. Gaudeny, W. Hoek, P. Kolaczek, P. Kuneš, M. Lamentowicz, E. Marinova, D.J. Michczyńska, I. Perşoiu, M. Płóciennik, M. Słowiński, et al.
Climate variability and associated vegetation response throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) between 60 and 8 ka

Tor Eldevik, Bjørg Risebrobakken, Anne E. Bjune, Carin Andersson, H. John B. Birks, Trond M. Dokken, Helge Drange, Mirjam S. Glessmer, Camille Li, Jan Even Ø. Nilsen, Odd Helge Otterå, Kristin Richter, Øystein Skagseth
A brief history of climate – the northern seas from the Last Glacial Maximum to global warming

Didier M. Roche, Didier Paillard, Thibaut Caley, Claire Waelbroeck
LGM hosing approach to Heinrich Event 1: results and perspectives from data–model integration using water isotopes

Hilary H. Birks, H. John B. Birks
To what extent did changes in July temperature influence Lateglacial vegetation patterns in NW Europe?

E.K. Magyari, D. Veres, V. Wennrich, B. Wagner, M. Braun, G. Jakab, D. Karátson, Z. Pál, Gy Ferenczy, G. St-Onge, J. Rethemeyer, J.-P. Francois, F. von Reumont, F. Schäbitz
Vegetation and environmental responses to climate forcing during the Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation in the East Carpathians: attenuated response to maximum cooling and increased biomass burning

C.L. McKay, H.L. Filipsson, O.E. Romero, J.-B.W. Stuut, B. Donner
Pelagic–benthic coupling within an upwelling system of the subtropical northeast Atlantic over the last 35 ka BP

E. Salgueiro, F. Naughton, A.H.L. Voelker, L. de Abreu, A. Alberto, L. Rossignol, J. Duprat, V.H. Magalhães, S. Vaqueiro, J.-L. Turon, F. Abrantes
Past circulation along the western Iberian margin: a time slice vision from the Last Glacial to the Holocene

Papers in the third Quaternary Science Reviews INTIMATE special issue (vol. 36, p. 1-222, 2012):

S.P.E. Blockley, C.S. Lane, C.S.M. Turney, C. Bronk Ramsey.
The INTegration of Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial records of the last termination (INTIMATE) 60,000 to 8000 BP

Simon P.E. Blockley, Christine S. Lane, Mark Hardiman, Sune Olander Rasmussen, Inger K. Seierstad, Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Anders Svensson, Andre F. Lotter, Chris S.M. Turney, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, INTIMATE members.
Synchronisation of palaeoenvironmental records over the last 60,000 years, and an extended INTIMATE event stratigraphy to 48,000 b2k

Siwan M. Davies, Peter M. Abbott, Nicholas J.G. Pearce, Stefan Wastegård, Simon P.E. Blockley.
Integrating the INTIMATE records using tephrochronology: rising to the challenge

William E.N. Austin, Fiona D. Hibbert .
Tracing time in the ocean: a brief review of chronological constraints (60–8 kyr) on North Atlantic marine event-based stratigraphies

Maarten Blaauw.
Out of tune: the dangers of aligning proxy archives

C.S. Lane, S.P.E. Blockley, A.F. Lotter, W. Finsinger, M.L. Filippi, I.P. Matthews.
A regional tephrostratigraphic framework for central and southern European climate archives during the Last Glacial to Interglacial transition: comparisons north and south of the Alps

Peter M. Abbott, Siwan M. Davies, Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Nicholas J.G. Pearce, Matthias Bigler, Sigfus J. Johnsen, Inger K. Seierstad, Anders Svensson, Stefan Wastegård.
A detailed framework of Marine Isotope Stages 4 and 5 volcanic events recorded in two Greenland ice-cores

Klaus Felix Kaiser, Michael Friedrich, Cécile Miramont, Bernd Kromer, Mario Sgier, Matthias Schaub, Ilse Boeren, Sabine Remmele, Sahra Talamo, Frédéric Guibal, Olivier Sivan.
Challenging process to make the Lateglacial tree-ring chronologies from Europe absolute – an inventory

Ina Neugebauer, Achim Brauer, Nadine Dräger, Peter Dulski, Sabine Wulf, Birgit Plessen, Jens Mingram, Ulrike Herzschuh, Arthur Brande.
A Younger Dryas varve chronology from the Rehwiese palaeolake record in NE-Germany

André F. Lotter, Oliver Heiri, Stephen Brooks, Jacqueline F.N. van Leeuwen, Ulrich Eicher, Brigitta Ammann.
Rapid summer temperature changes during Termination 1a: high-resolution multi-proxy climate reconstructions from Gerzensee (Switzerland)

A.P. Palmer, J. Rose, S.O. Rasmussen.
Evidence for phase-locked changes in climate between Scotland and Greenland during GS-1 (Younger Dryas) using micromorphology of glaciolacustrine varves from Glen Roy

Mike Walker, John Lowe, Simon P.E. Blockley, Charlotte Bryant, Paul Coombes, Siwan Davies, Mark Hardiman, Chris S.M. Turney, Jenny Watson .
Lateglacial and early Holocene palaeoenvironmental ‘events’ in Sluggan Bog, Northern Ireland: comparisons with the Greenland NGRIP GICC05 event stratigraphy

Ana Moreno, Penélope González-Sampériz, Mario Morellón, Blas L. Valero-Garcés, William J. Fletcher
Northern Iberian abrupt climate change dynamics during the last glacial cycle: A view from lacustrine sediments

W.E.N. Austin, F.D. Hibbert, S.O. Rasmussen, C. Peters, P.M. Abbott, C.L. Bryant .
The synchronization of palaeoclimatic events in the North Atlantic region during Greenland Stadial 3 (ca 27.5 to 23.3 kyr b2k)

Takeshi Nakagawa, Katsuya Gotanda, Tsuyoshi Haraguchi, Toru Danhara, Hitoshi Yonenobu, Achim Brauer, Yusuke Yokoyama, Ryuji Tada, Keiji Takemura, Richard A. Staff, Rebecca Payne, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Charlotte Bryant, Fiona Brock, Gordon Schlolaut, Michael Marshall, Pavel Tarasov, Henry Lamb, Suigetsu 2006 Project Members.
SG06, a fully continuous and varved sediment core from Lake Suigetsu, Japan: stratigraphy and potential for improving the radiocarbon calibration model and understanding of late Quaternary climate changes

M.E. Weber, G. Kuhn, D. Sprenk, C. Rolf, C. Ohlwein, W. Ricken.
Dust transport from Patagonia to Antarctica – A new stratigraphic approach from the Scotia Sea and its implications for the last glacial cycle

Andrew M. Lorrey, Marcus Vandergoes, Peter Almond, James Renwick, Tom Stephens, Helen Bostock, Andrew Mackintosh, Rewi Newnham, Paul W. Williams, Duncan Ackerley, Helen Neil, Anthony M. Fowler.
Palaeocirculation across New Zealand during the last glacial maximum at 21 ka

Rewi M. Newnham, Marcus J. Vandergoes, Elisabeth Sikes, Lionel Carter, Janet M. Wilmshurst, David J. Lowe, Matt S. McGlone, Anna Sandiford.
Does the bipolar seesaw extend to the terrestrial southern mid-latitudes?

Papers in the second Quaternary Science Reviews INTIMATE special issue (vol. 27 (1-2), p. 1-184, 2008):

W.Z. Hoek, Z.C. Yu, J.J. Lowe.
INTegration of Ice-core, MArine, and TErrestrial records (INTIMATE): refining the record of the Last Glacial–Interglacial Transition

J.J. Lowe, S.O. Rasmussen, S. Björck, W.Z. Hoek, J.P. Steffensen, M.J.C. Walker, Z.C. Yu, the INTIMATE group.
Synchronisation of palaeoenvironmental events in the North Atlantic region during the Last Termination: a revised protocol recommended by the INTIMATE group

S.O. Rasmussen, I.K. Seierstad, K.K. Andersen, M. Bigler, D. Dahl-Jensen, S.J. Johnsen.
Synchronization of the NGRIP, GRIP, and GISP2 ice cores across MIS 2 and palaeoclimatic implications

Matthias Schaub, Ulf Büntgen, Klaus Felix Kaiser, Bernd Kromer, Sahra Talamo, Katrine Krogh Andersen, Sune Olander Rasmussen.
Lateglacial environmental variability from Swiss tree rings

Christopher Bronk Ramsey.
Deposition models for chronological records

S.P.E. Blockley, C.Bronk Ramsey, C.S. Lane, A.F. Lotter.
Improved age modelling approaches as exemplified by the revised chronology for the Central European varved lake Soppensee

S.D.F. Pyne-O’Donnell, S.P.E. Blockley, C.S.M. Turney, J.J. Lowe.
Distal volcanic ash layers in the Lateglacial Interstadial (GI-1): problems of stratigraphic discrimination

J.H. Koren, J.I. Svendsen, J. Mangerud, H. Furnes.
The Dimna Ash — a 12.8 14C ka-old volcanic ash in Western Norway

David J. Lowe, Phil A.R. Shane, Brent V. Alloway, Rewi M. Newnham.
Fingerprints and age models for widespread New Zealand tephra marker beds erupted since 30,000 years ago: a framework for NZ-INTIMATE

M. Stančikaitė, P. Šinkūnas, V. Šeirienė, D. Kisielienė.
Patterns and chronology of the Lateglacial environmental development at Pamerkiai and Kašučiai, Lithuania

Zicheng Yu, Karina N. Walker, Edward B. Evenson, Irka Hajdas.
Lateglacial and early Holocene climate oscillations in the Matanuska Valley, south-central Alaska

S.J.P. Bohncke, J.A.A. Bos, S. Engels, O. Heiri, C. Kasse.
Rapid climatic events as recorded in Middle Weichselian thermokarst lake sediments

G. Plunkett, G.T. Swindles.
Determining the Sun’s influence on Lateglacial and Holocene climates: a focus on climate response to centennial-scale solar forcing at 2800 cal. BP

Papers in the first Quaternary Science Reviews INTIMATE special issue (vol. 20 (11), p. 1169-1274, 2001):

M.J.C. Walker, S. Björck, J.J. Lowe.
Integration of ice core, marine and terrestrial records (INTIMATE) from around the North Atlantic region: an introduction

J. John Lowe, Wim Z. Hoek, INTIMATE group.
Inter-regional correlation of palaeoclimatic records for the Last Glacial–Interglacial Transition: a protocol for improved precision recommended by the INTIMATE project group

Gerard C. Bond, Charles Mandeville, Sharon Hoffmann.
Were rhyolitic glasses in the Vedde Ash and in the North Atlantic’s Ash Zone 1 produced by the same volcanic eruption?

A. Asioli, F. Trincardi, J.J. Lowe, D. Ariztegui, L. Langone, F. Oldfield.
Sub-millennial scale climatic oscillations in the central Adriatic during the Lateglacial: palaeoceanographic implications

Michael Friedrich, Bernd Kromer, Klaus F. Kaiser, Marco Spurk, Konrad A. Hughen, Sigfus J. Johnsen.
High-resolution climate signals in the Bølling–Allerød Interstadial (Greenland Interstadial 1) as reflected in European tree-ring chronologies compared to marine varves and ice-core records

Thomas Litt, Achim Brauer, Tomasz Goslar, Josef Merkt, Krystyna Bałaga, Helmut Müller, Magdalena Ralska-Jasiewiczowa, Martina Stebich, Jörg F.W. Negendank.
Correlation and synchronisation of Lateglacial continental sequences in northern central Europe based on annually laminated lacustrine sediments

W.Z Hoek, S.J.P Bohncke.
Oxygen-isotope wiggle matching as a tool for synchronising ice-core and terrestrial records over Termination 1

Les C Cwynar, Ray W Spear.
Lateglacial climate change in the White Mountains of New Hampshire